Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Your Marriage Ceremony

Above all else - whatever words you choose for your ceremony, I believe what is most important is that it is the expression of your love for, and commitment to, each other.

Following are some of the basic components of a Wedding Ceremony. When you reserve your ceremony with me, I will provide you with my Vow Builder which includes various elements of a ceremony which you may choose to use to "construct" your own ceremony. I also furnish numerous ceremonies which are complete from start to finish to give you an idea of the direction in which you may like your ceremony to flow...

Basic Parts of a Wedding Ceremony
* The Presenting of the Bride (Often by their Families)
* Words of Welcome
* Opening Words
* Prayer (Optional)
* Words on Love or Marriage
* Declaration
* Vows
* The Exchange of Rings
* Ring Blessing
* Thank You to Family and Friends
* Benediction
* Pronouncement of Marriage
* First Kiss
* Introduction of Mr. And Mrs. .....

Optional Inclusions
* Honoring Absent Family Members
* These Hands Ceremony
* Roses to Mothers
* Unity Candle (best suited for inside locations)
* Unity Sand Ceremony (better suited for outside venues)
* Readings, either Religious or Secular
* Children Ceremony - If either of you have children, this part of the ceremony acknowledges those children as part of your union - your family.

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