Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting Started...

Set your date and book your venues as early as possible. Some facilities offer a discount for a Friday or Sunday wedding!

Devotion to Detail will be your greatest asset. Start by keeping an Expandable File for all those little slips of paper, estimates, contracts and other information in one central location. Being organized can help you eliminate worries! There is no need to pay someone to do something you can do yourself!

Encourage open communication with your fiancé by sharing what you envision and desire. If you are paying for most of the wedding yourselves, take stock of your financial resources and plan a realistic budget based on the number of guests.

Think about creating your own bouquets with bulk flowers purchased from a warehouse-type store with some ribbon from a craft store. You can get a lot for a few hundred dollars! When it comes down to saving money, however, decide if it’s really worth it to take the time to do something like hand-stamping all the place cards !!

Consider visiting one or more Bridal Expos. They are a great place to see a lot at one time, under one roof, and collect ideas and information. Many offer everything from fashion shows to cake sampling stations, luxury car rental companies to travel agencies. Spending some time at an Expo can help you decide where you want to splurge and where you can save a few dollars.

You can even create a Blog to keep everyone informed. You can include directions, introduce the bridal party to guests and include a personal story of how the two of you met (as well as special moments throughout your courtship and how you became engaged). Include some photos along the way! If you have out of town guests, Hotel information and suggestions for "things to do" can be included to help guests feel more welcome.

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NLMontgomery said...

I love your blog! It makes me want to get married, as your ceremonies sound so romantic & special! Congratulations on a job well done!

Fancy Nancy