Friday, January 2, 2009

Carbon Neutral Weddings

Rev. Heather Kotok says: Carbon Neutral Weddings can be a wonderful way to bring the blessings of our Planet’s Vitality into your lives together. Being aware of all the energy that goes into planning your wedding, educating your friends and family to the impact and honoring the Earth by giving back all that it took to create your event, gives more to your friends and family's future on this beautiful planet than could ever go into words.

There are many options in having a Carbon Neutral Wedding. Reducing your carbon need is the first thing to look at. Going local with your suppliers is one way to reduce carbon output. Local suppliers are good to look into supporting because endorsing your local businesses supports your local economy and community.

Some products are better sought within the local region they naturally come from, as the amount of energy spent transporting is less then the energy used to generate in a climate that is not naturally conducive to production.

Having your wedding at a location that all ready is using green energy is helpful and fun, but not necessary. Simply asking locations if they use green energy motivates businesses to go green. As the trend from the consumer encourages businesses to be aware of their energy use, businesses will naturally begin to change.

Asking the location to provide eco friendly products from cleaning supplies to decorations will encourage the change to take place, hence, your contribution to the world will greatly multiply. Ask your wedding manager if they can recommend products they have researched that are both eco friendly and comparable in cost for your vendors to use for your event that will minimize your carbon footprint.

One way to off set the energy usage is to incorporate the carbon offsets into your wedding decorations. Planting trees is a useful way to offset carbon. Have guests write a blessing for the Bride and Groom on a small sheet of paper provided next to your guest book with a box in which to place the blessing. Have a tree planting ceremony at some point during the reception where the guest's blessings are planted along with the trees. Small trees could also be used as part of your centerpieces or aisle decorations.

There are companies who will plant trees to commemorate your special day as well. Donate to your local companies who are helping to formulate green energy for your community. Perhaps you may want to let your guests have to option to give to green energy production companies of your choice in place of your gifts if they wish.

A good way to communicate these ideas are through a wedding blog or website that keeps your guests informed of your wishes and the thoughts you have in wishing this for your wedding blessing. There are several free websites and blogs you may create on line to choose from.

Choosing to work with companies that support Organic, Fair Trade, Eco Friendly, Sustainable, and Green vendors will be more than helpful in helping you to have a Carbon Neutral Wedding.

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