Friday, October 29, 2010

What a Renewal of Vows Meant to One Couple...

I was contacted by a man who wanted to surprise his wife with a Vow Renewal ceremony. He had no access to e-mail and also was not very forthcoming with details so the entire ceremony was up to me to 'create'!

I have to tell you that this couple will stay in my heart and mind for the rest of my days. I knew from my initial conversation with him that they didn't have much money so I made an 'Executive Decision' and considerably decreased my fee. The husband still had a hard time explaining to the Little Woman where the money went that he sent to me! He told lots of tall stories. In fact, she thought, as I walked in the door, that I was delivering her new Chihuahua.

They were having a family birthday party so in their small apartment there were food trays arranged in the Dining Room and in the Living Room the furniture had been moved to their bedroom and some folding chairs had been set up.

He met us in the parking lot and we walked in the door. I walked in and said “Which one of you lovely ladies is Rose?” Rose stood up and shakily said “Me?” I walked over, took her hand and said "I'm Rev. Melanie Maxell and I'm a Wedding Minister. Your husband has invited me here today to do a Vow Renewal ceremony for you."

Of course she was speechless and burst into tears. In the meantime, her husband came out of the bedroom with a huge bouquet of red roses for her. Turns out that they had a small Justice of the Peace wedding 12 years before. Rose’s health had been declining and she almost died the year before from a stroke. They had always wanted a big wedding and just could never afford it. He decided to give her something she would remember.

I told her to take a few moments to compose herself - change her clothes if she wanted to and to let me know when she was ready. They LOVED the ceremony I put together for them and insisted we stay to have a bite of lunch with them! They didn't have much but there was certainly an abundance of LOVE that made up for anything else that was lacking!

I will never forget that day and am Honored to have participated in their Love!

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